hmadiani Industrial Factory was established in 1953. Our major products Include frame and accessory, field and traveling steel poles and beams. Our contract parties consist of Red Crescent Organization, Islamic Republic of Iran Army and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Crops and Iranian Police Administration. Meanwhile, we export to Arab countries to the south of Persian Gulf, such as Dubai or newly dependence countries ( Russia , Tajikistan , etc.), as well as Turkey , Iraq and Afghanistan .

Ahmadiani Trading Company started importing their products in 2000, particularly from China , Korea and Taiwan .


Ahmadiani Company's Range of Products Are as Following:

  • Types of light and heavy steel frame in different sizes.
  • Types of light and heavy steel pole in different sizes.
  • Types of green house form and field hospitals.
  • Types of industrial pipe (in different sizes).
  • Types of pop-up tents (in different sizes).
  • Types of sun shades.
  • Container accessories (container wire, wire lead, staples).
  • Types of armchair.
  • Types of car covers.
  • Type of tent rings (welded and equipped with horn).
  • Types of staple for tents in different sizes.
  • Type of stapler and punch machinery for tent.
  • Types of framed and appurtenant tent (tarpaulin and waterproof oil cloth)
  • Types of waterproof oil cloth.
  • Types of military tents.
  • Types of canopy & markise.


Products Imported by Ahmadiani Trading Company are as Follows :

  • Types of Fiberglass tent in single layer or double layer models.
  • Types of Fiberglass frame in different sizes.
  • Picnic table with umbrella (4 color)
  • Types of products from Intex international company.
  • Types of vehicle covering tent in different sizes.
  • Types of motor cycle covering tent in different sizes.
  • Types of sun shade & umbrella in different sizes.
  • Safari lanterns
  • Safari gas cooker
  • Safari beds
  • Safari chairs
  • Types of sewing yarn.
  • Types of Taiwan talc.
  • Types of mats.
  • Types of sleeping bag (envelop & envelope with cap).